Implementation of the project Rally 2013

Dream Foundation Charity

The Association Foundation Dream charity implementation (Rally Allgäu ) for the year 2013 and in collaboration with the Municipality of Oberstaufen German club Al linguistic Orient , a Rally Cars from Germany to Jordan with the participation of foreign teams from several nationalities where cruising rally several European countries through some countries in the Middle East and ends in Jordan.

The purpose of this rally is very charitable where it is after the completion of the activities of the rally donated participating teams cars to the Assembly sponsors, namely, ( Association Foundation Dream charity ), to divert 25% of the proceeds from the rally, which is a percentage of the Assembly of the proceeds from the rally and the implementation of some of the charitable activities carried out by the Assembly in collaboration What's between them and the rally organizer Jordanian Mr. Fayez rock .

Assembly made the rally organizer's project to establish a children 's library and park in Husseiniya gloss province of Jordan, where the rally organizer to implement this project within a maximum period up to the end of the month 3 for the year 2014 and the direct supervision of the Dream Foundation Charity .

Rally Allgäu For charity:

1 - The rally was carried out in cooperation with the Municipality of the Oovrsteoven and represented by Orient Algui Club. 2 - The participants in the rally from the German side register their names in the club and must provide a car to participate in the rally with a 20-year-old. 3 - The rally cruising nearly eight European countries up to Turkey and from Turkey to Jordan. 4 - After the entry into Jordan, cars participating in cruising around a lot of parts of Jordan for seven days during the visit for the most important tourist areas, archaeological and tourist promotion for Jordan. 5 - After the end of this wandering inside Jordan held with the closing ceremony of the rally events, which is then donated by the participants in this car for the Assembly. 6 - These cars are sold as spare in coordination with the General Customs Department to spend proceeds fundamentalist, on development projects implemented by our association in conjunction with the Department of algui club.


Wilfried Gehr is a journalist who writes for several classic car magazines and some newspapers. He has also written a book tractor wrench. His agency, "is how it works + publishing idea" deals with texts, PR work for various clients as well as with ideas for events and marketing. He advises local authorities in tourism and PR makes for an MEP. Wilfried runs for fun a Triumph TR 6th To the chagrin of his wife, he can always old cars and tractors that you supposedly "does not need" to buy extremely cheap. If none of the oldies running (what should happen according to Marlie) he travels with his Moto Guzzi California (if running) through the area.

When Wilfried times, not to cars or screwed really hard work, he struggles with his bike over mountain passes or with Marlie must for any ski race training (Earlier today more than 11 marathons or half-marathons). In competitions, Wilfried but usually only comes to the finish, when his wife showered and blow-dried for a long time. When Wilfried times converts any crazy ideas, he can supposedly be very serious and severe. This is surely the fact that he as a graduate in public administration - has as he says, once actually studied the wrong thing. Maybe he thinks always of what he has done in his early years as a registrar.

As someone born in Reutlingen-Degerschlachter (according to the deepest Allgäuern Württemberg) and Wilfried Urschwabe to have a problem in the Allgäu. He will probably never be able to speak properly allgäuerisch. This despite the Württemberg yes - as they say - "elles knoweth except High German". Nevertheless feels Wilfried in Oberstaufen really comfortable and at home! Wilfried Otto was a very long way, as the idea for the rally came. That the rally was then taken so loud Wilfried is the fact that he has a great organizing committee and so far (almost) only great people here were. Meanwhile many great contacts with sponsors and ministries have come in all countries to do so.

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