About Us

Dream Foundation Charity

Charity registered with the   Ministry of Social Development on 01/30/2012, pursuant to the provisions of Articles (9) and (11 / A) of the Societies Act No. (51) for the year 2008 and its amendments on 01.30.2012 under No. (2,012,011,100,015), and dealing with the provision of social services and charitable through Youth activities and sports.

The President of the Dream Foundation Charity:
 Mr. Hakeem Olajuwon

General Manager :

Mr. Omar Al Gwiri

Our Address: Amman Shafa Badran
P.O.BOX 228  ZIP code: 11934   Fax:05-3910006
Website: http://www.dreamfoundationjordan.com
E-mail: OH@dreamfoundationjordan.com

For any explanation call Mr. Omar @ 0777903309

Meet The Team


Hakeem Olajuwon


Omar Al Gwiri